Your partners in relief.

Relief Fund Services Group (RFSG) offers support services, SaaS and consultation for new and existing self-administered relief funds to help ensure that funds are able to:

  • Become aligned with industry best practices and benchmarks
  • Develop scalable platforms and procedures
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Maximize applicant user experience and support
  • Reduce administrative costs

Our mission is to facilitate relief fund efforts by adding robust services and features that will allow organizations to lower fund administration costs. Relief Fund Services Group shows organizations how to lower admin costs by 25 to 50 percent.

Charitable plans.

RFSG provides plan administration or back-office services for employers with an internal Section 139 Plan for employees in need, or who provide taxable bonuses to their employees.
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Section 139

RFSG can assist companies with Section 139 plan design, eligibility requirements, application forms and records, grant application vetting, accounting for grants and funding, and grant distribution.
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Taxable bonus plans.

Our Rapid Response System (RRS) is a low-cost, efficient program utilized in response to qualified disaster events for quick grant payments.
Support service may be provided on a service-by-service basis or all-inclusive using either RFSG SaaS system or stand-alone relief fund’s processes and systems.

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Grant application.

Provide a cloud-based, dynamic grant application to meet companies needs and satisfy grant criteria.
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Applicant support.

Provide applicants with hands-on support throughout the grant process, including through phone, email, text, and live chat.
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Application review.

RFSG can replicate the fund’s current review process, provide facilitated and simplified review processes, or utilize our cloud-based application.
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Grant payments.

Domestic and international grant payments to applicants and vendors.